Values, Etiquette, and Customs the Slovakian Way

Verbal and non-verbal communication

Most of the gestures and greetings are the same as everywhere else. It is important that you always greet someone with respect when you meet them for the first time during the day. The greeting ‘Dobry den’ (means ‘Good day’) can be used the whole day.

In Slovakia, you use the same word (‘ahoj’) when you meet someone, but also when you say goodbye to them.

People in Slovakia are very warm-hearted. When friends or family meet, they very often kiss each other on the cheek. Men kiss women and women also kiss women, but men don’t kiss men. You normally kiss twice, once on each cheek.

Relatives and friends like to cuddle with kids and play with them. This is always a lot of fun!



For Slovaks, family is the most important thing. Parents love their kids and kids respect their parents. Mom and dad do everything to make a good life for their kids, and kids help mom and dad when they are old or sick.

Hospitality is also very important. Families and friends often visit each other, give each other gifts and have fun together. There is always a lot of food and drinks. You should always help those who need it, because their will help you when you need it!

Working hard and always trying your best is a must, but you also need to find time for your friends and relax. In Slovakia, people who work all the time are seen as crazy, but people who only lie around are seen as lazy! The balance is the key.

Most Slovaks go to the church every Sunday, but not all of them. Tradition means a lot in Slovakia, but so does tolerance – we are all different but equal!

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