Welsh Children’s Songs


Wales is known for its inventive songs and rhymes for children. Here are a couple of Welsh favorites.


Y Broga Bach

Broga bach aeth maes i rodio Twywyadio,

Ar gefen ei farch a’i gyfwy cryno,

Pwy lygadai ond llygoden.

Meddai’r Broga Bach yn serchog,

“A fynni di fod yn wraig i farchog?”

“Pa ryw fantais gawn o fentro?”

“Gwisgo’n grand fel gwraig marsiandwr,

Cei ddigon o berlau yn dy barlwr.”

“Gwell yw’r wisg o flew bach llwydion.”

“Mi rof iti gig i’w fwyta,

Cei ddiod o win a medd dy wala.”

“Gwell yw ceisio peth o’r cosyn.”

“Dyna ben, ni waeth heb geisio;

Yr wyt ti’n un anodd iawn dy blesio.”

“Caws a bara a’m plesia’n burion.”


The Little Toad

The little toad went out to walk

On his mare with a neat saddle,

From the corner of his eye he saw a mouse.

The little toad said courteously,

“Would you like to be a knight’s wife?”

“What advantage is there to such a venture?”

“Wearing smart clothes like a merchant’s wife,

With plenty of pearls in your parlour.”

“I’d rather have a cloak of little grey hairs.”

“I’ll give you some meat to eat,

Plenty of wine and mead.”

“I’d rather have some cheese.”

“That’s it, there’s no point asking;

You’re too difficult to please.”

“Cheese and bread please me fine.”


Bwrw Glaw

Bwrw glaw yn sobor iawn

Wel dyma bnawn anghynes,

‘Mochel dan yr ambarel

A cherdded fel brenhines.

Eisio ambarel yn siŵr

I gadw dwr o ‘nghlustie,

Clustie’n gwrando ar y wlad

Yn siarad am fy siwrne.

Holi hwn a holi hon

A holi John Dwygeiniog,

Pwy ‘di hon a’r ambarel?

Y mae hi’n ddel gynddeiriog.



Raining very heavily,

What a miserable afternoon,

Sheltering under the umbrella

And walking like a queen.

Surely I need an umbrella

To keep the water out of my ears,

Ears that listen to the countryside

Talking about my journey.

Asking here and there

And asking Twopenny John,

Who is this with the umbrella,

She’s very pretty indeed

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