Welsh Costuming

At the end of 19th century Welsh people began to wear the suits and dresses common in England, and continue to follow English clothing trends today. However, Welsh women traditionally wore a very specific costume in their everyday life. They wore a dress called a “bedgown.” A bedgown is kind of like a long tunic, ending at the mid-thigh. They were mostly made of cotton, but sometimes were made of linen or wool. Underneath,  women would wear petticoats and often tied an apron over it all.

Traditionally women wore a very unique and striking hat. The hats are tall and wide-brimmed with a buckle just above the rim. They are often compared to the hats wore by the early Puritan settlers of New England.
Shawls are also important to Welsh traditional costuming. Women made these at home in many different shapes and patterns. Women still wear the full traditional costume while celebrating certain holidays, particularly the Welsh National Holiday of Saint David’s Day. Saint David’s Day is a public holiday celebrating the patron Saint of Wales, Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant.

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