Welsh Tourist Destinations

Welsh Tourist Destinations

Wales is renowned for its beautiful landscapes, magnificent castles, and rich cultural history. One of the most common places to visit is Beaumaris Castle, a beautiful castle on the shore at Anglesey Island. Built by Edward I in the 13th century, it is one of the most preserved and largest castles of that period that still stands today. The castle is open for exploration and there are also guided tours available to explain the castle’s magnificent history. Tourists will enjoy not only seeing a true medieval castle, but exploring the picturesque fishing town around it. History buffs will also enjoy visiting ancient Celtic cites like Pentre Ifan, a Neolithic stone structure located in North Pembrokeshire.

Many people, especially Americans, return to Wales to seek out their genealogical ancestors. The Welsh government encourages this and there are many programs and tours available for people who are interested in rediscovering the nation of their ancestors.

Wales is also the perfect place for hikers and other lovers of the outdoors. Snowdon Mountain is the highest places in both Wales and Britain and offers fantastic views of the famous Welsh countryside. There are also over 1,000 miles of cycling trails for bicycle lovers. Pembrokeshire National Park covers a great expanse of Wales’s rocky coastline and is a perfect place to explore sandy beaches, rocky trails, sea caves, and picturesque fjords.

For city-lovers Cardiff is the perfect spot. Almost 15 million tourists visit Cardiff each year. Visitors are often drawn to the city’s rich history and visit spots like Saint Fagan’s Castle, Cardiff Castle, and Llandaff Cathedral. Cardiff is also famous for its restaurant and pub scene. People from all over the world come to Cardiff to enjoy its delicious meals and relaxed atmosphere.

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