Do you know the biggest and smallest dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs came in all shapes and sizes! And they were in all areas of the world too.

  • The biggest dinosaur we know about is called the Brachiosaurus. It lived in North America during the Jurassic period. He had a neck really long, somewhat like a giraffe and his back legs were shorter than his front. He was an estimated 70 feet long and weighed about 75,000 pounds, about 5 times heavier than an African elephant! We also believe that there may have been dinosaurs even bigger than the Brachiosaurus, but unfortunately, we don’t have enough information to say exactly how big they were. 


Then we have the little guy! The smallest known dinosaur.

  • The smallest dinosaur we know about is the Compsognathus, who lived during the same time period as the Brachiosaurus only he came from Europe. The Compsognathus grew to about the size of a chicken and weighed less than a cat. But this little guy had really sharp teeth and was a fast runner.

Dinosaurs were fascinating creatures! We love to think about them and talk about them too. Share your stories with us.


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