When did the dinosaurs become extinct?

Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for about 165 million years, and they became extinct about 65 million years ago. It is quite difficult to comprehend these ancient dates and large numbers and so we decided to take a look at these figures in a different way.

  • Let’s imagine that Dinosaur’s lived on earth for one calendar year. They would have started their life journey on January 1st and by September 30th, they had become extinct. Humans did not start their journey on earth until December 31st of that same year. So, for almost 3 months, the earth did not have dinosaurs or humans. Now, in reality, that 3 month period was actually 65 million years.
  • Back to the imagination, when we look at the human journey on the same calendar and compare it to that of the Dinosaurs’ journey, what do we see? Dinosaurs lived for 9 months, January to September represents 165 million years compared to that of the human journey which is 300,000. 

In conclusion, the dinosaurs are much much older than humans. We have thousands of lifetimes to live to even come close to theirs!

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