Armenia Attire- Colors and More

Being a very old country, Armenian people used to wear various clothes in different periods of times. Armenians call their national clothes “Taraz”. Apart from being just a dress, the Taraz signified much more.  People believed that the colors of the dress could bring good luck ”the black of the earth, the white of water, the red of the air and the yellow of the flame”.

The purple is the symbol of wisdom,

the red – of bravery,

the blue – of heavenly justice

and the white is the symbol of prudence.

Here is another interesting fact; by the color and form of Armenian national dress, it was possible to guess whether the person is married or not, how many children he/she has and the similar, which made the role of Taraz much more important in Armenian lifestyle. For example, the essential part of women’s dress was the apron, on each corner of which a living tree is growing from the decoration patterns. This composition of ornaments expressed the idea of the couple’s prosperity. Silken aprons are notable by their red and yellow ornaments: scissors, pitchers, bowls and other goods that women used in lifestyle. The adornment was one of the essential patterns of the national dress, which was intended to protect a woman from evil and symbolized her modesty and gentleness. (Source: ). It is also notable to mention, that the design of the Taraz varied according to the regions of the old Armenia. Of course, nowadays Taraz is not as popular as before, but still, it is a huge part of Armenian culture and history.

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