Edible Eats of Armenia – Armenian Foods

The food in this country is very tasty and diverse. One of the most famous and tastiest dishes is Khorovats, or as other people call it – Barbeque. But this is not made like other barbeques. Making of Armenian Khorovats is a special procedure, for which mostly the men are responsible. Khorovats can be made of pork, beef, mutton and chicken – any type of meat. The meat is spiced a day before the actual procedure, placed into a special metal stick and then grilled in a special thing called manghal. Every person, who has at least once been in Armenia will definitely have tried this delicious thing, and remember the tase of it. J

Another very tasty dish is called Ghapama. I know Armenian dishes are quite difficult to pronounce 😉 . So this dish is so famous in Armenia , that it has a special song dedicated to Ghapama. The tastiest dish is made of a pumpkin, which is stuffed with delicious things: nuts, honey, rice and dried fruit. Ghapama is baked in the oven, and then served as a whole pumpkin with a nice surprise inside J!

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