Festivals and Days of Celebration in Armenia

There are a lot of celebrations in Armenia. Having a rich culture and history,
Armenian people have many holidays to celebrate and memorial days to mark. One
of the most beloved holidays especially for kids is the New Year, which is
Celebrated on December 31-January 1. The kids write letters to the Santa, who
brings their presents and leaves at the doorstep, under the New Year tree or
under the kids’ pillow on the night of December 31. Christmas, unlike other
countries, is celebrated here on January 6th. On this day, again, a
rice pilaf and fish is made to celebrate Christ’s birth and congratulate
each other. Armenian people also celebrate the Kids’ day every year on June 1st.
On this day various events are organized just for kids all over the country. A
lot of amusement parks open their doors and offer various entertainment. Kids
receive presents and congratulations! September 21 is another day to be marked
for all the Armenians all over the world. On that day in 1991, the Republic of
Armenia became independent. There are a lot of events in the country on that
day, which is concluded with a huge concert and fireworks. Armenia also has
some remembrance days. They have to do with the country’s history, which has
not always been very good and kind towards Armenians. April 24 is one of such
days when all the Armenians around the world make the Remembrance Day for the
victims of the Armenian genocide.

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