Armenian Fun Facts, Customs, and Famous Places

Customs and Etiquette

Armenian people are very famous for their hospitability and friendliness. When you meet an Armenian for the first time you will shake hands. Armenian people are also famous for their body language, which sometimes explains things when words can’t.

Armenian people are very proud of the fact that they have been the first nation to adopt Christianity as the state religion. It was a long time ago, yet in the 301 A.D. They also treasure their families and have huge respect to the elder members of their family and community.

Did You Know??

Did you know that Armenia is the home of many famous singers, such as Charles Aznavour, Cher, the Rock Band System of a Down and Michel Legrand. You might not know many of them, but you have heard one or a few of their songs for sure.

Armenian alphabet is not like any alphabet in the world. It has been invented by Mesrop Mashtots and has 38 letters.

Famous Armenian Places to See

The country is also very rich in nice places, most of them you will have a chance to see when you are in Armenia. In the capital Yerevan, you will manage to see nice old buildings just by new and trendy ones. The Republic Square, the main square of the city is one of the sights of Armenia. The singing fountains add a spice to its beauty. A lot of sightseeing is outside the country. Lake Sevan is one of them, located some 60 km from the capital it is a beautiful nice lake, a place where most Armenians visit in summer. Garni pagan temple reminds Armenian people of their history back in time when they were still pagans.

Matenadaran is the place where Armenian ancient manuscripts are kept.

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