Armenian Children’s Songs

Music is a big part of Armenian culture: children are the pride for any Armenian family. This means that there are a lot of songs for children and dedicated to them.

A famous musician, Rouben Hakhverdyan composed a song ” Im poqrik Navak” (My little boat). It is common for the children to make paper boats and sing the song along with the song.

Prepared the little boy, a tiny paper boat. He slides the boat to the waves of the river…

Chorus: My tiny little boat, My tiny little boat, Will you reach the blue nice sea? My tiny little boat, My tiny little boat, Will you reach the blue nice sea? Or the wind blew you away, and you are now asleep in the bottom of the sea.


Another nice children’s song is Yerazanq (the Dream) by a famous Armenian children ensemble Arevik (Sun).

Stars, shining above in a big sky Please take me up with you For I need to look at the Earth And burn the lights of love with my glow. My dear beautiful and small Moon, I ask you to carry me on your shoulder. Let us shine and glow Like there are two moons in the sky. Dear Fairy of our dreams We ask you to make our bright dreams come true and Please favor with innumerable songs and joyful days All light-hearted and kind children, And favor all kids with joyful days Let us with us today All the stars that seen so far, but they are close We will shine and glow then Like everyone, like the Sun Hey-hey! Beautiful Moon and bright shining Sun! Please bring us a sunny Spring New songs and love.

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