Cow Facts – Animal fun facts for children

DINOLINGO Cows are some of the most important animals in the whole world. There are 1.3 billion cows on Earth, and if this seems like too big of a number to really understand, that’s because it is! Cows give us milk, beef, and leather, and they also help by pulling carts and plows on farms.

We even owe cows a big thank you for the cheese we put on pizza and the ice cream we eat for dessert! In some countries, like India, cows are considered holy, which means that they cannot be used for food, and people get in trouble even if they hurt a cow! If you were a cow, I guess you know where you would want to live!

Cows were probably the very first animal to ever be made domestic (which means, for an animal to be tamed and owned by people), and ever since that time they have helped people live the way we live. Next time you see a cow, remember how important they are to us! Go ahead and thank them.


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