Butterfly Facts – Animal fun facts for children

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DINOLINGO Butterflies might be the most amazing of all the insects with their bright colors and magical way of flying around, it makes them some of the best-loved creatures in the world. Many think that butterflies live for only a short time, but while some butterflies live for only one week, other butterflies can live as long as a year.

Butterflies drink the nectar from flowers, and they will also sip the water off of damp leaves.

A close relative of the butterfly is the moth, and while scientists do not have a clear set of facts that separate butterflies from moths, the best way to tell the difference is that butterflies usually have brighter colors than moths, and moths like to fly at night whereas, butterflies are out and about during the daytime.

Not only are butterfly wings really pretty with a seemingly endless range of colors, a lot of butterflies have certain patterns on their wings that keep predators from eating them. In fact, some butterflies even have “eyespots” on the back of their wings, which are spots that look like eyes and keep predators away. It’s almost like they have eyes on the back of their head!


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