Crocodile Facts – Animal fun facts for children

DINOLINGO   If you think that dinosaurs are extinct, you might want to think again! While crocodiles are not exactly dinosaurs, they have been around since the age of the dinosaurs, and they are more closely related to dinosaurs and birds than they are to other reptiles.

Just like dinosaurs, crocodiles are really interesting animals, and just like dinosaurs, crocodiles can be very dangerous! Crocodiles are the top hunters in the water, and they have even been seen fighting and killing sharks. (Imagine seeing that!)

Crocodiles hunt by waiting for their prey to come close, and then they attack before the prey can react. This sneaky way of hunting has meant that crocodiles kill hundreds of people each year, mainly in Asia and Africa. Crocodiles will eat fish, reptiles, and mammals, and sometimes they will even eat smaller crocodiles.

Because crocodiles are cold-blooded, they can go a long time without food, but they are certainly happy to eat when they have a chance! Crocodiles are very fast swimmers, and they can even move fast on land. While crocodiles are amazing animals (and are very cool to watch!), you sure wouldn’t want to hang out with one…just the same way it would have been with dinosaurs!


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