Famous Romanian Places to See

Famous places in Romania

The Danube Delta – has different lakes and marshes.  You can find here more than 300 species of birds and 45 species of fish.  It is the second largest delta from Europe.

Bran Castle -it is considered to be Dracula’s castle.  It is situated 30 km far from Brasov.  On Halloween so many American and British tourists visit this castle.  It is one of the most expensive estates in the world.

Peles Castle – one of the most beautiful castles from Europe.    It has more than 170 rooms, but only 10 can be visited by tourists.  The royal residence was built between 1875 and 1883.  King Carol I wanted so much to have a castle in castle in that picturesque landscape.  There are valuable collections of paintings, jewelry, sculptures, carpets, statues, gold and silver dishes in the castle.

Transfagarasanul – this is a road that climbs the Fagaras Mountains (the highest mountains from Romania – Moldoveanu peak 2544 metres).  The road has viaducts, tunnels.  You also have the chance to admire a glacial lake (Balea lake).  There are countless turns, therefore the average speed is maximum 40 km/hour.

Carpathian Mountains (Muntii Carpati) – Represent an extension of the Alps, but they exceed the length of the Alps.  They are divided in 4 groups: Western, Forests, Eastern and Southern.  They are also called the heart of Romania.  The landscape is magnificent: forests, rivers, wild animals, flowers.  You can also find unique shapes of rock.

Bucovina – represents a region in the North of Romania.  It is extremely appreciated by tourists for its monasteries: Sucevita, Moldovita, Voronet, Humor.  The offer of accommodation is varied: pensions, hotels and even rustic farmhouses.

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