Serbian Fashion

Serbian folk costumes are still worn on national holidays and during celebrations throughout Serbia, but especially in rural areas. Traditional Serbian female clothing consists of embroidered woolen socks that reach to the knees and nazuvice, skirts that are gathered or pleated and made out of embroidered linen with a tkanice serving as a belt. Aprons (pregace) decorated with floral motifs are worn.  Shirts that look like tunics are decorated with silver thread. Scarves and caps bordered with cords are worn. Women wear collars, or a string of gold coins around their throats, earrings, bracelets, and their caps are decorated with metal coins or flowers. Coats are lined with fur. Peasant shoes (opanci) made of leather without laces are also worn.

The men’s typical Serbian folk costume includes a shirt and trousers, a vest called a jelek, a regular coat of wool or velvet socks, belts and head-gear, often called oglavja. The men’s coat is made from wool or velvet. Men often carry a walking stick and wear a shepherd’s black, fur hat.

Today, there are many fashion schools and high fashion stores that rival the world’s fashion industry.  Fashion designers from Serbia are showing their recent designs at fashion shows throughout the world.  The western influence of dress is evident every day in the Serbians’ dress. Styles are fresh and modern with vibrant colors, textures and designs.

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