All About Serbian Culture

The Republic of Serbia has over 7 million people  located in southeast and central Europe.  It borders Hungary to the north, Romania and Bulgaria to the east, Macedonia to the south and Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro to the west.  It also borders Albania.  The capital of Serbia is Belgrade, one of Europe’s oldest cities. The country is home to 83% Serbs, and a fraction of Hungarians, Bosniaks, Roma, Slovaks and others.  Approximately 7% of the people living in Serbia are refugees from mostly the countries of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Most of the people who live in Serbia are Eastern Orthodox.  There are also some Serbians who are Catholic and Moslem.  When Eastern Orthodox Christianity spread throughout this region in the Early Middle Ages, it influenced the culture. Many Serbian monasteries and monuments were built and can be seen today.

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Online Serbian lessons for kids:

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